Wanting a zoo.....,,

How many animals or creatures are going to be in the game? I want to have a great looking zoo or just release the beast on enemies


at this point, we just dont know… radiant wants to have an interesting mix however, based on the feedback from last nights live stream… you can take a look at a recent user poll of large mammals to possibly be included in the game here

All I know for certain are cute little cotton tail bunnies and some sheep. For Kickstarter backers, there is the kittens, puppies, and the mammoth, as well as the dragon whelp.

I would imagine there is going to be a fair bit more that could be added to your zoo. The real trick is getting that snare set up to capture those bunnies :smiley:

Take a look on the last picture in this gallery. I have included a screen-capture from one of the streams where you will see a small choice of the available pets / animals.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one that does that…

As far as we know, the only released animals are some cute Cotton Tail Bunnies and some ordinary sheep. But for the people who donated $30 and up to the Kickstarter, they will get a kitten and/or a puppy, a Mammoth whelp, and a Dragon whelp. :smiley: :

But I am 100% sure that the folks at Radient Entertainment are going to add regular animals, as well as mythical animals. They are also probably going to add some rare animals as well too. :smile:

Thanks to Voxel_Pirate, I was able to find this picture of some currently planned animals.

Look at the last picture at the end of the gallery.


I think a baby mammoth would be a calf, and not a whelp :smiley: Good screenshot of the current animals though.

I’m sure a baby animal will look adorable but you probably could just do what your asking for with fences and, maybe wheat but I want this to be better than minecraft…

Thats a cool idea! I dont see a reason why not. I think Tom said something about releasing your pets as a army unit, but I could be wrong

He said that you could train animals to fight in combat.

I am still not sure how that will work…

From the sounds of things the Beast master will be used to tame creatures and then use them in combat, the exact mechanics are probably a way off of being nailed down.

exactly… cant wait to see how this is fleshed out too! and for what it’s worth, this is another good reason why the campaign reward creatures are not going to be able to assist units in battle…

with everyone having access to the animal trainer, there are fewer concerns with balance…

I do not see a reason why somebody interested in building a zoo could be kept from doing that. It wouldn’t be easy and might require some extra precautions in order to get it to happen (especially with wild beasts that can bite off the head of one of your villagers), but it seems like a reasonable project for somebody who wants to take the time to build one.

This is definitely an “end game” type thing where you have completed most of the basic survival tasks and have a strong “castle” plus other extra luxuries and are wanting to go a little more above and beyond the basic survival parameters. If you are building a zoo instead of building that third ring wall around your village or instead of “the great wall of Stonehearth”, that sounds like an amazing in-game project and something that might be fun to compare to other players in terms of how they built their zoos as well.

If anything, a zoo would be a sort of trophy collection, where players with more animals in their zoo can brag about how far and wide they’ve traveled as well as how long they’ve been playing the game. If you can put puppies and kittens into your zoo in some fashion, it also shows you were an early kickstarter supporter.