Walls-fully-down mode doesnt understand building

made an A frame building where the “roof” is made out of walls so that the back part of the roof shows up on front-walls-down mode.
works fine in that mode, and and in bidling fully visable mode, but the game doesnt get that it should hide the “roof” made out of walls in walls-fully-down mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. place included templace, look at it in various views/angles
  2. notice its prety cool, but walls-fully-down mode does not do what is expected of it.
  3. this is probably an edge case. may need some new code to detect the creative use of walls that need to go down.

Expected Results:
only the lowest layer of walls visable. not ALL of it. so if its over th first level? INVISIBLE
Actual Results:
see above pic where the rood is up on both sides.

longhouse_wallbug.zip (73.6 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:
win 7 64 bit

extra info: build this way because nearest-wall-down mode hides the entire roof, not just the nearest side (can we get that instead of fully dissappearing roofs?)

Walls-fully-down mode actually doesn’t hide all walls; it shows the lowest layer of the wall. Since all your walls are 1 voxel high, it hides all walls above that height, but there are no walls above that height, and thus nothing is hidden.

Indeed, but what usually happens is only ground floor walls remain, with one high-hight of themselves.
So this is also the behavior one would come to expect of the system.
So what i’ propose is "walls with no support(so air) under them, two pix or lower turn fully invisible instead of leaving one strip under them.

Or possibly easier: roofs made with the roof tool keep that back wall visable in walls partially down mode.

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