Wall Mounted Supply Shelf Not being Dismantled

The Wooden Wall Mounted Supply Shelf’s aren’t being taken down by hearthlings. However, they are being moved when I select them to be moved.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place wall mounted supply shelfs.
  2. (possible though not sure) Have regular supply shelves placed below them.
  3. Attempt to have them picked up.


I have “Miner Profession,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Signery,” “Settlement Decor” and “Better Storage”

Probably a stockpile filter issue. If you set a stockpile to accept “all”, does it work?

If it isn’t a stockpile filter issue, can you please upload a save?

EDIT: Also, which version of the game are you using? There was a wall shelf adjacency issue fixed in the latest unstable release (r862) that still exists on the stable branch (r860).

the screenshot looks like r860 :wink: