Walking across bed error

Right this is going to be a basement barracks while constructing it every so often a hearthling runs across the bed (the one near the follically-challenged guy) resulted in an error. I moved the bed prior to this and the error went away. The errors were on 58 with a trigger whenever a hearthling passed. Note: There is a chest under the female hearthling.

Hmm, I was wrong the error occurred every time an object was placed in the left hand chest. I changed the storage option from all items to weapons/armour and it went away.

Looks like it’s the same error as this one then.

Yes seems that way. I did have 2 hearthlings freeze between the bed and the chest. Moving the bed cured the issue of the freeze and allowed the 2 of them to move off. It did not cure the bug reports though.

Fixed for the next patch Thanks!