WAHOOO! (jumping up and down on roof with excitment)

ok… ok… very sorry for my rage the other day… i now have my product… but… what is best? installing through steam… or the manual install? thanks

this is in support because i dont know where else to put it

Using Steam you get easy access to the latest build (with more features and varying amounts of bugs). It’s updating automatically which makes it pretty comfortable. It’s my preferred method of about everything.

With Humble Bundle you need to re-download the game every time there’s an update. However, you can easily continue to play with “old” versions, which you can’t with the Steam version.

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ty for the fast reply… do i need to save the url where i got my download links? (it says its advisable)

I would keep it, but once you’ve redeemed it in Steam you’re not going to use it regularly (unlike there’s an emergency or something like that). I can’t think of a scenario on top of my head.

well thank you very much… i would say see you in-game but its not MP :’( also… is this the official forum for checking on what is being updated? or do i use trello or w/e its called… god im 33 and feel like a kid again :smiley:

I use this discourse, plus I have them on facebook to see updates. I also watch the streams every tues/thur for other information and just the general enjoyment of being involved in the production of the game… even if that’s just watching someone work. It’s a great community and the devs are awesome.

Good luck and maybe (when it is multiplayer) we’ll see you in game one day :smiley:

well thank you both very much for the advice and replies… if you would like to see my freind in action (which made me so excited… and ragefull about buying this game) then you can watch it on his youtube channel here YouTube… this topic may now be closed… thanks once again

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I’m glad you sorted it out :smile:
Have fun, and see you on the forum!