Voxelshop -> Qubicle issues

I made some models in voxelshop but when I try to open them in qubicle but they will not load, it shows just an empty screen. And yes they are .qb files. Any ideas? Am I missing something?

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try and put .qbcl at end

hmm… i know i had this problem in the past as well, i’m pretty sure that i solved it by importing the .qb’s into qubicle instead of just opening them normally, not sure what causes the problem though…

Yeah wouldn’t let me import either. I ended up having to export them as .kv6 files only issue is .kv6 files aren’t okayed on the forum. :forlorn:

hmm… what version of VS and Qubicle are you using? and when you export them from VS what are your export settings? these are mine and it works fine,

Voxelshop 1.8.02
Qubicle 3.1.2 demo (I’m only using the demo to make sure quibicle can open it)

I’ve unchecked all the boxes except that last and it still wont open.

hmm… it could just be that it’s the demo version limiting what you can do… can you open/import .qb’s that were exported from a program other than VS?