Villager Comment Font Errors - R134

Spelling error in Villager comments.

We’re is spelled weire. And else’s is spelled elseis.

Steps to reproduce:
Chop down trees and maybe they’ll say this!

Expected Results:
Correct spelling.

Actual Results:
Bad spelling!


Versions and Mods:
R134 No Mods


I wish I paid more attention to that chat. But good catch!

It’s funni, and yet kinda wierd that Radant left this mispellings in since Alph 3 or so.

Eh, there’s a fair few in there I think, but I suppose it’s not a big priority really. I expect they’ll proof-read all the lines nearer the release, when they’ve stopped adding new ones in.

yeah… we had a recent discussion on that part of the UI (and how it would potentially be improved)… and to be honest, i basically completely ignore it at this point (other than the occasional glance when i see the red flashing text)…

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Yeah, it’s not the most vital of bugs/errors… But hey! Better now than never! :smile:


The words are spelled correctly in the .json files, but it looks like the display font is using some accented i character to represent apostrophes. Let us know if you catch any other weirdness!


If you look in that screen shot, a few lines up, it shows “there’s” working correctly with the apostrophe. So that’s weird…


Ignore me. I’m insane… and it’s late.

Since I have no context on this… I find it hilarious.

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I made the somewhat farcical observation that e’s only appear to be effected, because my brain (at 10 minutes to midnight) failed to comprehend that there’s has an e before the apostrophe…

I also learned that if you edit something fast enough, it doesn’t show that you edited it at all!

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Urrr… these were written on different keyboards, some of which are set to international, and some of which are set to american. Interesting…


I believe the plot is, as they say, thickening… :cake: ( :arrow_left: best emoji I could muster up for “thickening”… )

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