Very High "astar" Usage

I haven’t seen any particular part of the game suck up resources like this since A12, back when pathfinding was just out of control. I’m not particularly sure what the “astar” value represents, but it likes to spike to 90+%, sometimes sitting well above 75% usage for 30-40 seconds. My game has a tendency to hang, or stutter, at times like that. This is pretty uncommon behavior for me, because although I don’t have a stellar, top of the line PC, I do have a pretty respectable gaming desktop. Furthermore, I’ve found this usage to occur regardless of what’s going on, whether hearthlings are idle, constructing, or in combat. Also occurs (and isn’t helped) by reducing game speed. Example screen:

I’ve posted my specs before on the forum, but for the sake of making a detailed post:
4790k @ 4.7
16GB Ram @ 1866
Gigabyte R9 270 @ 1150/1500
Windows 10 Home Premium

I have the same issue. I think it’s referencing A* searching / pathfinding.

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Right now, there are two major situations where A* will start working madly:

  • Lots of Hearthlings trying to pathfind to many items at the same time (from your screenshot, this looks like the culprit!)

  • Hearthlings trying to pathfind to inaccessible items.

The first issue I’m actually working on right now, and should hopefully be solved for A17. The second issue ought to be fixed for A18.


Thanks for the response! I’ll look at optimizing the town a little, and perhaps consider selling my several thousand extra crates of carrots to free up some space xD