V2387 x64 - Memory Spike

While chopping down trees and building a wood wall game froze, memory spiked and the game crashed.

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Thanks for reporting this. The next time it happens, could you copy your stonehearth.log file in here? It contains details about the allocation failure which can help is track down the problem. Thanks!


Could you post your hardware specs with this too? Being I haven’t read this before, I’m curious to how much ram you have in total.

Win7 x64
AMD 8 Core FX
16GB Ram
AMD HD7900 x3

It seems you got a STD, that’s really offensive Radiant. It has nothing to do with C++ so why is it in the game? Aprils fools?

Continuing the discussion from Alpha 10 Unstable Branc Memory Leak:

We are Discussing the same thing over in the other topic.

I thought I was insane, but it was indeed a .gif :stuck_out_tongue:


Playing the updated version created the same error. I had just cleared a large area of trees, began building two large wall sections and the same error appeared.
Here is the log:
stonehearth.log (1.1 MB)