Massive memory usage by stoneheart

I’ve got a pretty desend pc set-up. win7 64 on a intel i5 3200 with nvidia 650 card and 8 gig system memory. Had some massive performance issue’s game crash and stuff like that. took a look at task manager and what did i see, stoneheart using 7.8gig of memory, i mean wtf. My entire pc is going haywire because of stonehearth

On a side note, why is stonehearth creating 2 processes even though i’m running only 1 version and its on its lowest possible settings.


Like most games designed to support multi-player (one day), Stonehearth would be split into a client process (that handles keyboard, mouse, video, sound) and a server process (that handles game logic, scripting, path finding, etc).

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that adresses 1 point, but why is it grabbing so much mem. Even an alpha should not be using 3 times the memory a massive multiplayer online game is using. And stonehearth is not even online playing. Ever since a16 i’ve seen a performance drop like you would not believe it

How long have you been playing without quitting? Could be a memory leak. I just launched StoneHearth and it was only using about 1.1gb for me.

because i’m building big, i save about every 10 minutes and regulairy refresh the ui and restart every half hour. Most of the memory usage dissapeared after the over 1500 wood pieces counting scaffolting was taken down.