Unstable branches for mods?

@Relyss @max99x maybe this is already a thing?

Would it be possible to add a flag in the core Stonehearth UI that allows the player to opt into an unstable branch of a mod they’re subscribed to? Presumably, the mod maker would need to specify an unstable code repo path in a config file, but otherwise it seems pretty straightforward. If checked, pull files from the unstable repo path, if not checked, install the mod normally.

This feels necessary because, on Steam, you can opt into unstable branches in the game’s properties menu, but I don’t think a similar construct exists for Steam Workshop mods. Instead, I think mod makers have to maintain two separate mods (stable & unstable). But if the core game accommodated branches within the mod, it would simplify things (and help keep the workshop from getting too cluttered).

But again, I could just be ignorant as to how Workshop works, in this regard.

mod makers have to maintain two separate mods (stable & unstable).

Yes, that’s currently the only way to provide multiple mod versions as far as I know.

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Steam workshop does not support any kind of branching whatsoever, so you basically have two choices:

  • Create two separate mods, as has been suggested
  • Try a trojan horse approach: Have one workshop entry, but with two mods inside. The game then loads the selected branch. This requires support from the engine/game, and means your mod is twice as big (because it contains some assets twice - unless you can put them into a shared mod folder, which should work given SH’s overrides), and whenever either is updated, all players need to update both.

I think the latter approach could work if done in a sensible way, but would require tweaks in the mod loading behaviour.

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