What is the unstable branch and how to get to it

the unstable branch is the bleeding edge version of the game lots of bugs and it’s unstable. if you encounter a bug you can post it here https://discourse.stonehearth.net/

So How Do I Get It?

First, you’ll need to make sure you can participate in Steam Betas (described in detail here ). Once that’s done, right click on Stonehearth in Steam and select ‘Properties’. Select that beta branch, wait for it to download, and you should be good to go!

That is not the unstable. That is the new builder test version.
The unstable is the usual versions that preceeds the stable, and are released as things are being worked on.
The new builder is a separate version, that may or may not have the same contents of the unstable, and is designed in parallel to the unstable versions.

Which to be fair is also (normal people speach ) unstable
It’s just… More… Unstable…

He edited the post and now is correctly pointing to the unstable. But the new builder and the unstable are not the same, as they are developed separated some features from one are not present in the other.

ok i fixed it

i keep getting comments in steam workshop about people not understanding how to get the mods in the workshop and what unstable branch is. because i tell them they need to be in the unstable branch in order to use the work shop. people don’t understand so i made this post and i just link to it when someone ask me what steam unstable is.

I think you should tell them there, as it is the platform they are using. Just link them to the Pinned topic in the Steam forum that Radiant made addressing this issue.



i was trying to find something like that.