"Unsheltered animals?"

Greetings fellow traveler! Welcome to the ever growing town of Fergliestan

Where our henhouses, even when roofed, will have chickens dying of cold weather

Even that massive 52x52 pasture gazebo for sheeps seems to be quite ineffective at sheltering livestock.

Is this a bug? or am I supposed to place down braziers or heat sources so my animals don’t freeze to death?

Thanks for reading

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The (vertical) size is probably precisely the problem. ACE doesn’t change the base game’s sheltered detection logic, which is as follows:

  • if there is a block (of terrain or other entity with collision) within 15 units above me, I am sheltered
  • if not, but there is such a block one space to + or - x or z, and the corresponding space at my level isn’t blocked (e.g., RC template building roofs, but not simply standing next to a wall), I am sheltered
  • otherwise, I am unsheltered

So I just need to make the roofs lower! Thats brilliant! Thank you, Never thought my preference for tall roofs would become a problem lol

Irl reason: all the heat goes up there!

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