Unlocked recipes cannot be used

In the actual game, I found a bug. When I send the Explorer away from town to the next file. The formula that has been unlocked has disappeared. I used six archived time to unlock all the recipes. The first archive is the forest. I sent three people out of the city. The three men have gone through five archives. Until the end. I unlocked all the desert recipes. But when I sent the three men away for the sixth time, I found the recipe in the desert disappeared. I choose the time when the people of the forest play games. No formula for any desert is shown in the production. And when I choose the same three people to choose the descendants of Riya. There will still be a unlocked desert formula in the archive. I want to know. Is this because the three people I have always chosen are the first three people who have been archived from the forest. Does it mean that I must forsake one of the three to be a descendant of Riya? It is possible to bring out the formula out of the desert. My version is latest in steam. Keep up with the latest updates
Steps to reproduce:
1.Carry out an archive of a forest
2.Send three people to start a new journey
3.Unlock all the formulas in the forest and the desert. This requires five files.
4.Three people are sent out again to start a new file. The three must be the first three people to be sent out, and all the recipes have been unlocked through these five expeditions.
5.The latest archive must be the forest, and you’ll find that all the desert recipes disappear, and you start a desert archive with the same team of expedition, and the formula is still in it.

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Rayya’s Children recipes will not carry over to an Ascendancy save. This is an unfortunate known issue.

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Is this the case for other combinations, such as from a Rayya’s Children save to Northern Alliance, Ascendancy to Rayya’s Children, etc. ?

I got very confused today when I ran into the bug. I had things like the waterfall basin (from Ascendancy crafter path) unlocked, and it was available on my next Raaya’s Children save.

I still have access to the waterfall basin, so I didn’t notice anything. I unlocked the legendary weapons and went on the 3rd save to try to unlock the legendary weapons for Ascendancy as well.

This is when I noticed something is wrong - I no longer have the recipes I got from Rayya’s children, but I still have the recipes I got from the 1st save, along with the Lopine recipes I unlocked in 1st and 2nd save.

Very confusing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: