Unkown role boss_sheep in population_faction:272


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Day 16 appears Goblin’s camp and error appear

Expected Results:
Expected dialog with Goblin’s chief

Actual Results:
Error in population_faction.lua:272


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17

Hmmm … the boss_sheep is supposed to be the sheep the goblin has. This is surprising.
Do you know if your stonehearth.smod folder is unzipped? Like is it modified at all?
Can you please upload your stonehearth.log?
Thank you

Yes of course I can upload it. Same ploblem was in alpha 16. But I don’t know anything about unzipped stonehearth.smod.

P.S. oh it’s says new users can’t upload attachment. Upload it to google drive

It looks like you are running the Russian mod. Where did you download the mod from? I would like to download it if possible to see if that mod is overriding something.

Russian.smod - Google Drive uploaded it to google drive

It looks like the russian mod is replacing goblin_population.json so it can make all the names be Russian. However, it is using an old population file so that file doesn’t have the boss_sheep in it. I need to think of a better way to override names for populations.
In the meantime, can you ask the person who makes the Russian translation mod if they can update their population files?

ok, I’ll try, thanks for hep