Unfinished buildings and blue starter flag


Encountered a small bug regarding camp flag.

When building for example a town square and you move the camp flag (the blue start flag) it will put that flag in building schematics, so, it will never finish the building as you cant acquire more of these flags (to my knowledge).

So might be handy to exclude them from building schematics or anything like that.

If required i can add some screenshots, but i think it’s pretty straight forward.

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which people did you choose? How do they call it in the schematic? Guess loading the savegame in which this happens would help the devs :slight_smile:

It’s not that complicated, it’s the “flag” you plant to start the game. you cant create them, nor find more of them, they shouldn’t be put into building schematics and/or show up there.

Since it can’t be undeployed, you won’t be able to have it available for placement.

You might want to place it inside a house, but you probably don’t want it to appear on the template :disappointed_relieved:

Save the template before putting the flag. Build it first without the flag.
Flag = camp standard, for better understanding

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I do know how to fix it, yet it’s a little bit odd, maybe should be in suggestions rather then bugs.

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