Underground stairs type for stairs tool

It would be nice to have an underground stairs type for the stairs tool. It could work something like this:

  1. Pick the location you want the stairs to start
  2. Choose whether you want the stairs to go up or down
  3. Choose how many stairs you want in the staircase
  4. Choose the material of the stairs.
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaand boom goes the dynamite. (Hearthlings start building)

The Hearthlings would obviously have to automatically dig out enough headroom to be able to fit inside the staircase as they are digging it.

Dwarves rule.


sorry for my confusion, but what do you mean “underground stairs”? like a mining tool for stairs, or…?

I guess it would be better if I said “Stairs dug into a mountain.” Yes mining the stairs into a mountain or dirt.

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