Unable to recruit certain classes without crashing

Well can’t wait for the next update then :slight_smile:

Well ppl joined my village over a 100 times (in different games ofcourse) yet they never seem to bugg me out :smiley:. My only crash problem since the latest build is playing for more than 20 days or haveing a couple giant buildings…

The way I work around most buggs and find to be very effective is:

  • save A LOT !!!
  • after a save, restart the game and reload, I think it somehow empties some game-caches which will allow the game to run with less errors and thus more smoothly
  • keep double saves in case one corrupts :frowning:

@Albert, Woo, thanks! The fix also helped us get to some other issues, so awesome all around.


the boss has spoken… time to mark as resolved? :smile:

or are their still lingering “recruit class, crash game” issues?


i did not get an update yet - so how should we tell?

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sorry, that question was directed to the team… we won’t see any updates until a new build is pushed… :wink:


Changed to Acknowledged; we can change it to fixed when it’s no longer a problem on your machine. :slight_smile:


it would help, if we would get an updated/fixed version to test it cough

let me make that clear, i dont want a second rust with sometimes 10 updates a day but maybe a weekly wouldnt hurt IF there are some fixes ready

Have faith, be patient… all will come


well for i am now a year in this boat, there should be no doubt about that, but as long as we are discussing this lone bug, there were at least 5 other threads about the exact same bug, and we all know how magnificient the thread-search-capability is these days

Heh… Don’t we all know that

Specifically, if I click the accept new villager button (forget what it’s called, but on the event panel), I get the notification that a new settler has joined, and the game immediately freezes. A moment later Windows has a pop-up saying the game has stopped responding, and a short time later the game window disappears and I’m back to desktop. This is what happens for me each time with several different classes.

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I know it’s acknowledged (and maybe even fixed) but a few minutes ago I had a carpenter’s head join me. Game continued to work fine (well, except for the head :stuck_out_tongue: ), but here’s some a big, stitched-together pic with all the details:

Note the wall o’ text error popped up as soon as I accepted the migrant('s head). She (it :stuck_out_tongue: ?) wouldn’t move etc, and couldn’t make a workbench etc.


@Teleros I’ve had it happen as well (once). The way to fix it is make her starve or go to sleep. I bleieve they built in a point as to where the AI resets the pathfinding somehow and that fixes it for me.

@Teleros wow that really is a bunch of errors in one…


would say it might be fixed for r134, had no new crashes after release

in mine screen is cumming up a crash report with no "matching overload found, candidates: custom [double] distance_to(Point3 const&,Point3 const&)
sorry i can’t upload a screenshot

hey there @jordleek2000 … welcome aboard! :smile:

it looks like you are getting some similar errors as those found in this existing report, so we’ll merge yours there…

for future reference, feel free to upload an image to imgur.com and we can embed the image for you (until you have been on the Discourse a bit longer, and are able to embed them directly yourself)…

i don’t understand you @SteveAdamo very well.I’m not very good at English it’s not mine main language.

it’s ok… you are easy enough to understand! :smiley:

I simply took your bug report and added it to this one… thanks for your help! :+1: