Unable to mixinto worker_description.json?

I am working on a mod… and in my mod I wanna add a hat to the worker with transparent settings(so cannot add to the outfit in order to keep the hair) but for some reason worker_description cannot be mixinto’d the same way trapper_description was. Seeing as I added a hat similar to what i want to add to the worker but the trapper has a hat but the worker still is hatless. :confused:

Anyone know if there’s another way to go about this?

I am not sure why worker description would not be mix intoable as there is nothing special about it.
Can you show your mixin file and your manifest?


Here’s what I have for the mixin for the worker_description.json(exactly what i used for the trapper_description.json that does work)

  "type": "job",
  "alias": "stonehearth:jobs:worker",
  "equipment": {
  "hat": "file(worker_hat)"

And mixinto just mix’s that into the description.

"mixintos" : {
	"stonehearth/jobs/trapper/trapper_description.json": "file(jobs/trapper/trapper_description.json)",
	"stonehearth/jobs/worker/worker_description.json": "file(jobs/worker/worker_description.json)"

Another question.

Can you differentiate the png used to display the outfit they’re wearing from male to female?

Say I want the outfits to look VERY different between the two genders is there a way to split which png is used for each?

I’m not sure why that wouldn’t work. If you want, you can private message me your mod and I can look at why it’s not loading it.

For the png thing – we don’t currently have a system to do that, sorry! :frowning: