Need help with mixins

So, like mentioned in the title, I need some help with mixins. To be excactly, one mixin.
I wanted to remove the fine craft result in the wooden arch chair recipe.
After some talking to @BrunoSupremo and a lot of trying out, I ended up with;
{ "mixins": "/stonehearth/jobs/carpenter/recipes/arch_backed_chair_recipe.json", "produces": { "item": "stonehearth:furniture:arch_backed_chair", "fine": "stonehearth:furniture:arch_backed_chair:fine" }, "mixintypes": { "fine": "remove" } }
but it still won’t work. Anyone willing to help and tell me, what I did wrong?

Whole mod with the mixin: (923 Bytes)

I think all you need is this:

	"mixins": "/stonehearth/jobs/carpenter/recipes/arch_backed_chair_recipe.json",
	"produces": {
		"mixintypes": {
			"fine": "remove"

When you add a mixin, everything in the original file will be copied to your new file, so you don’t need the line:
“item”: “stonehearth:furniture:arch_backed_chair”,
because it is already in the original.
The line:
“fine”: "stonehearth:furniture:arch_backed_chair:fine"
should be erased, as you want to not have that item.

And finally, the:
“mixintypes”: {
“fine”: “remove”
should go exactly where the line you just removed was, as that is where the game will look for the original, then realize the mixintype asking to delete it.

Oh, thats what you were trying to say in your last PM, I didn’t really understand it :innocent:
But still, my carpenter keeps outputting fine items… :confused:
I just double checked for typos in the Manifest.json and folder names and I can’t find any there. Also, I don’t assume, the naming of the alias for the mixins matters, so I can’t find any mistakes…