Unable to destroy items once the ground under them has been mined

I had an instance where there were some flowers I wanted to destroy to make way for a farm. I mined the ground under them not thinking about destroying them first. I’m sure had I set the flowers to be destroyed before mining the ground, a Hearthling would have still been able to reach up one block to destroy them, but since the ground was mined first, I couldn’t destroy those flowers without building a floor up one block.

When mining ground under objects, they should automatically get destroyed. This should only affect certain objects, like flowers for instance, since mining into stone is understandable, as the roof wouldn’t likely collapse.


This seems more like a suggestion than a bug, at least in the way you’re wording it. @8BitCrab @SteveAdamo do you think this should be moved or is it actually a bug?

In the case that it’s considered a bug, simply work around it by making sure all flowers/plants are destroyed before you attempt to mine underneath them.

It’s a workaround, but something that could be missed, an when it is missed by the player requires additional work to get removed.

hmm… im uncertain whether it should be suggestion or support active bug:confused:

@SteveAdamo and @Relyss have been at this whole admin thing longer then me, so i’ll leave it up to them,

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It’s a bug in the sense that objects shouldn’t be left floating (can you mine under a farm or a boulder too?) but it’s worded as a suggestion as you mention, so I think that it’ll be better in suggestions.


No this should be an active bug i think. Because i can remember when mining was first introduced. Mining would destroy items if the ground under them was destroyed. So now you are suggestion something that should already be there

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I tend to agree. Regardless if my wording made it sound more like a suggestion, the reality is this is still a bug—it’s not game breaking, but throws a wrench in building when there are flowers hovering in mid air.

I can understand mining into caves wouldn’t cause the blocks above them falling (specifically rocks), but other blocks should be destroyed if blocks under them are mined.

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seeing as @Jeb thinks it should be a bug, i’ll change it back. hopefully thats not the wrong decision. :no_mouth:

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It isn’t. This is “discussion” after all :smile:
Everyone give their opinions, and we can make a consensus about these things.

It’s an Active Suggestion Bug Discussion about Gameplay and other… stuff!