Destroying building for supplies?

I don’t know if it is supposed to work like this but I think it is a error or bug. So I have build a small staircase up the hill and started with the design of a gate. When I was done I let them build the gate but then they started to destroy my staircase for building materials. Maybe it is normal but now I have to rebuild my stairs.

That’s not supposed to work like that. You have to manually tell them to mine a zone in order to gather the materials.
Same for ladders, the ladders that you place manually, only you can tell the hearthlings to remove them, they can’t do it on their own (unlike scaffolding ladders).

Are you sure there wasn’t an active mining zone there?

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Please tell: did you dig out the stairs or built with slabs?
The workers shouldn’t randomly dig or remove built structures anyway. But if it was a structure, could you accidentally press “Remove”? Because if you did there’s no way to see it or cancel that order, pausing the construction only puts it on hold.


I know that you have to give the order but I’m pretty sure that I didn’t give the order. Maybe they destroyed it because I didn’t have enough building materials? I build it with slabs and they only left this:

Do you have the save game where this occurred? They should not destroy a building to get more building materials…

I don’t have the save game of it but it happend today again. The next time I will save it.