[Dev 2513] Items floating in mid air

I know that items on the ground will drop down to a lower surface level if you mine away the ground below as I have seen that happen many times

so I was wondering now that all of a sudden this stopped and now I got a lot of items floating in mid air with no possibility for the workers to pick them up

might be that I stressed the engine a bit too much for this to happen… I don’t know

I also noticed that flowers will stay in mid air when you mine the ground below them

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Could it be the result of instant mining?

nope, both holes are handmade by my loyal sla… err… Hearthlings

I can reproduce the flower case with 4x4 mining tool. The 1x1 destroy any plant on the ground as expected.
I cannot reproduce the ore case, on my side ore do drop correctly being with 1x1 or 4x4 mining tool… That’s odd… :confused:

well at least I can get the floating items by building a new floor under them

well couldn’t you make your “loyal sla… err… hearthlings” build a platform underneath it and you have easy access to it?

Or a ladder, but they would be too many ladders…