Un-equipping items equipped with addition_equip?

i use

 "additional_equipment": {
            "stonehearth:armor:offhand_placeholder": true

from the two_handed_sword, but in a modified manner currently to equip a sword sheath on my hearthlings hip.

"additional_equipment": {
            "nordlingmod:sword_sheeth": true

problem: after they grab another weapon, the sword sheath stays. which makes me think “ah, so the offhand placeholder also stays in the same scenario” if not for the fact that there is no weapon with a higher priority than a two handed sword.

is there a conveniant way in which on un-equip of the sword, it also takes the sword sheeth away?

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This might be an edge case in the equipment component, mods might allow for higher ilevel weapons that are not two-handed :thinking:

I added this to our list, hopefully it can be fixed for 1.1, since it could be considered a bug.

The offHand placeholder forces any item in the offHand to be unequipped (with help of its negative ilevel), so that two-handed weapons are not worn with shields, but they can’t be replaced later, they stay there like you’ve noticed because the negative ilevel means that no other higher ilevel items can replace them.

yeah for now ive just opted to add that component to -all- my weapons so they all have somethign with i level -1 to occupy my “sheeth” slot. that seems to work so far, but indeed, might be good to not lock out things with a higher i level and then keep the offhand there. think legendary single handed weapons for instance. the only quickfix i can think of is having EVERY weapon enquip an offhand placeholder style thing, but those that should have an offhand thing like a shield have one with i level 0 or 1, so they would drop the thing in their offhand for a second if they already had a shield, and then grab the best thing they can find again, which will usually be their own enquipment? but if you had a double handed weapon first, the code would push the i level 0 there where the -1 one was, which would turn it replacable…i think.