UI Never Displays More Than Two Wildlife Bunnies During New Game Map Gen

When starting a new game and generating a new map, no location on the map ever offers more than two of the four available bunnies in the wildlife section. This seems like a density calculation bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Gen a new map.
  3. Search for and fail to find a starting block that shows more than 2 wildlife bunnies.

Expected Results:
A four-bunny density meter for wildlife.

Actual Results:
A two-bunny density meter for wildlife.


Version Number and Mods in use:
As far back as Alpha 12, if memory serves. This is still a thing in A14 D2807

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hmm… this might not be a bug and just the fact that there’s never less wildlife then “two bunnies worth”, but then again, it might be a bug so i’ll page @sdee and @yshan for you.


Oh there’s less than two bunnies, but there’s never MORE than two bunnies… and if there’s never more than two bunnies, then why show four? :slightly_smiling:

[quote=“megashub, post:3, topic:19491”]
Oh there’s less than two bunnies, but there’s never MORE than two bunnies…
[/quote]my bad, kept changing my wording when typing the reply, so i ended up with the wrong word :disappointed_relieved:

to be consistent with the other two meter thing’s…? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: i can confirm this btw, its not just your game that doesnt like more then two bunnies worth of wildlife :wink:


i can confirm it also but i think thats normal since the not all wanted wildlife is implented^^


Haven’t checked on the current version, but could have sworn I have gotten 3 bunny before in A13. Of course it was on a seed that didn’t have such mountainous region. Was not in foot hills either, was in plains area or near it.

Guess I’ll have to check and see for myself, as I was wondering about that. hmm…

EDIT: Hmm… Just checked. Yeah A13 & A14 in the very least don’t go above. Although I noticed another little annoying thing due to me checking. There is no way to go back to main menu once you get to map screen. Might be when you push the new game option, but didn’t notice a way to get back to menu screen.

I must be remembering what I have seen on youtube in a prior version. could have sworn A12 had chance to have 3 bunnies. Deluxs likes moving mouse quite all over the place when deciding on a location… >.>

Oh well, wonder why that is the max…


When I want to go back to menu in the middle of configuring a new game, I press F5… Don’t know if it still works in the map menu, I did it in the choose faction/biome screen.


So fn + f5, ok… Might try that.

Would be nice if at that moment would be bound to esc, and bring up the “are you sure?” box.

thank you I’ll try next I play. :slight_smile:


I meant F5. Like in reloading the UI / browser (unless you have some other keyboard setup) =/


FN + F5 is what I have to do in order to use any of the F# keys.

I have a laptop and there is a (FN) button I have to press down + what ever of those keys. The function key i guess is what it is called. I have seen them before, but this is the first computer I have owned that actually has that by default.

Don’t feel like changing it to be only a press of F key. lol

So it is nothing to do with the standard keyboard. I am guessing most laptops here have it, since I have been seeing that lately in the past decade. My desktop I have not access to doesn’t have that “extra” key. Same general layout as a normal keyboard, but with that button next to windows key.

So I got what you meant, I just have to press an extra one on top of that… Thanks again.


i might be wrong about this entire thing (someone please correct me if i’m wrong) but to my understanding laptops generally have an “Fn” key instead of an “Flock” key (though the Fn key is used for more then just with the F# keys) its done this way to optimize space on the keyboard layout, as laptops have limited keyboard space.

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yes. laptops in general. Although I don’t know all the functions of that key, I at least know of the F# to be pressed that has to be; unless it is set differently in settings.

Flock? That I don’t know much about either; so that is related?

I have always thought of the FN key being for alternate presses, or to stop accidental presses in certain instances. Not ever looked much into it, maybe I’ll go digging around for what it is. :smiley:

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I think that was supposed to be F Lock, or an option to toggle whether Fn is always on or not. Some systems allow you to toggle Fn vs functions via Windows, others require entering BIOS settings.


Soo…@sdee, @yshan, can you confirm if this is a bug or not?


I also remember being able to find spots with 3-4 wildlife bars on older versions. But I have not seen any since


If you look at the desert biome file, you will notice right at the begin there is an override to the animals spawn time. Maybe if that is pumped up it will show more than 2 bunnies, which would mean it is not a bug, just low rates. I hope it is not the case.

We really need to revisit this screen, and the metrics. T__T It should show edible plants or something too.