[Res] Unlimited starting banners

Lets you place an unlimited number of banners, each spawning a full company of settlers, unable to select anything else once this glitch begins to take place.

Steps to reproduce: I re-rolled the map once, then selected a location.

Additional notes: This also brought to my attention the ability to place a fire pit within a tree, as can be seen above.


I want to try this out. How do you reroll the map?

EDIT: Oh wait, nevermind.

thanks for the report… i can confirm as well…

is this the beginnings of the bunny folk? :smile:


Bunnies…bunnies everywhere :flushed:

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I too experienced the same issue - I tried it rolling the dice twice too, same issue. Unable to progress. Quick start, doesn’t as yet, appear to experience this same glitch.

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see there :wink:

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cant upload pictures…

Don’t worry, I can upload it for you :wink:.

Watch as I do magic!!..@SteveAdamo @Geoffers747

We can pretend you did the magic? Will that make things alright?

Haha, that’s what I was hoping would happen :blush:

Unlimited Carpenter Workbenches too!!!

We have a proposed fix for this in r42, which has been pushed to all Steam branches. Please test it out and let me know if you’re still seeing multiple banners.



Changed the title of the thread; let us know if you can still repro.

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I can’t reproduce it now. It was the first thing I noticed with this release :smiley:
If more people confirms, we can mark it fixed.

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im perfectly content to mark this as such, but in the interest of being sciency and whatnot, let’s get a few more results…

paging @CableX17, @Geoffers747!

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I haven’t been able to repeat it either.


good enough for me… [Res] :+1:

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Oh wow, that was fast. Awesome, good work guys :smile:

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Thanks for giving it a go!

On a related note I can still make an unlimited number of Carpenter Benches.