[UI] Item count obscured by selection frame

One of the most annoying non-bugs that I’ve encountered is the following:

Everything looks normal, and all is working well. My carpenter has been diligently working away making upholstered chairs, and I’m ready to place all eigh- oh wait… How many do I actually have? Has she finished building them? Looks like I have to click on the lamp to deselect the chair so I can see past that @#$%^ yellow frame!!!

Is there any way to display the item count while an item is selected in the ‘P’ menu? While I do like the four-corner selection frame, it gets in the way…


I’m with you. This is annoying especially with the traveling merchants.


it brings me great sorrow each time i go to place fences :sob: … im just to lazy to suggest a change :laughing:

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hmmmm its a known issue since lots of alphas … hmmmm but i cant remember if this has anyone ever posted xDDD