Trying to Create New World [ACTIVE PLAYER NEEDED]

I’m looking for an active player (meaning you play Stonehearth at least 1-2 times a day at least 1-2 hours each session or day) to make a new world with. It’s been a long time since I’ve done multiplayer.

@Stealth_Meister Hey there :merry:~!
Have you tried visiting the ACE Official Discord?

There’s a multiplayer chat section there where you can find players to play with~!


and there is usually someone to play with :slight_smile:
(especially in the weekends though)

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I just used it… Instead of getting someone to play with me, I got a bunch of idiots with smartass responses. All I did was say I was looking for people, the timezone I was looking in, and my work schedule so people would know when I am not going to be on. People starting being retarded. I already left that stupid discord server.

your first post in the thread does have an arrogant tone to it
it can be interpretated as you ordering the interrested players on how long and when they can play

gonna be honest here mate, posting comments like this isn’t likely to help you find anyone to play with, either (and @nightlancer in the previous post has a very good point too – I thought when I initially read your OP that it comes off as a bit… demanding)

We’re a very friendly community, moreso than most gaming communities I’ve been part of, but part of how we achieve that is to generally avoid people who come in here “pushing and shoving.” The vast majority of Stonehearth players (especially the ones who are left after the controversy around the game’s launch) have a mindset of “we’re all in this together to have fun” and so we stick to that tone as much as we can. If someone comes in who upsets that tone, we tend to pretty firmly let them know that we’re not about negativity in this community.

I say this not to berate you, but to give you a chance to understand how the people in this community like to get along; so that you can find a more comfortable way to join in :merry: We may have a particular expectation that everyone plays nicely together but we’re not a hive mind; we don’t demand conformity or anything like that… we just want the people we play with to understand that we’re all here to enjoy playing Stonehearth and we don’t want to play in a way that stops us from enjoying the game. With a little bit of communication and openness, it’s usually quite straightforward to find people who want to play with the same “rules”/guidelines, most of us are pretty flexible and like to try playing the game in new ways.


Didn’t come in there pushing or shoving soooooo :slight_smile:

Nor do I recall bringing any negativity into the server until I got those smartass responses.

but didd you use the same tone on the discord server when asking
you ask for people who want to play multiplayer with you, and give them a schedule of when you will be playing and a list of the mods you want to use
not play x times a day, for y hours and when i tell you

sound like a jerk and people will be smartasses, or the possibly interrested ones won’t care