Township Quest Alpha 17 Gone

While I was playing the game I got to the point where the royal herald person came to my town and told me about the township. Halfway through the conversation, something popped up and instantly killed the conversation with the herald and I did not get the quest to do so. Which was weird, because 3 hours before this save file I played another that I got the quest and was able to complete it. However the herald has never come back and I’m unable to craft the 3 things.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Game
  2. Get Herald Quest for Township
  3. Go through Conversation

Expected Results:
Get the quest for township, unlock the structures to complete the quest.

Actual Results:
Herald left after sudden intrusion of the conversation, unlocked nothing and unable to do the township quest.

Like I said, I played a save file where I have the quest unlocked that I literally played just a few hours before this one.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17 Release 610
Hearthlings of Many Faces (think that’s the name)

What was the intrusion (“something popped up”)?

I honestly could not even tell. I was reading the quest line (as it was my second time seeing it ever) and when I got near the end of it I clicked on the “Masons Hoy!” and it looked like two windows popped up then everything closed out. but one of them was definitely the quest related menu that I had seen before.