Town Progression, End Game

Town Progression:

  • The pace:
    : Way too fast, I don’t know if it tied to the value of the town. If so that may be why its so fast. (All i would have to do is gather so much stuff w/o Building to make it pop {as it has} only had 1 building and was already getting to the second tier of town progression??)
    : Maybe add a way to tie other quest from other campaigns into it.

  • The ending of progression seems to dull (sorry):
    : Something like giving a player to make something (ie a wagon or sled or something to show that the player is ready to move on) The player could gather the materials to make the item, once made the player would then place the item and select the hearths he/she would take on the expedition to the next area to make another town. Giving a epic goodbye to those hearths
    : this would probably solve the quest setting in our que, and you dont have to look at everytime, say thats it time to move on end your game. and the player can continue their city w/o it staring at it.

  • Town progression tie in to End Game:
    : One way I suggest to do this is tieing in other quest to Town progression quest, 1 it will slow down the pace of it. the other would be to show that you have settled and subdued the land/area you are in
    : Maybe 3 end game crisis would be good for this. they would be random and your town would only get one of them till you move on to the next area.
    : Examples:
    : 1 A Titan shows up and you have to defend or pacify the Titan, Other quest could lead to this happening, as your working on Town progression. Find clues through the area in ruins on land, or too much devastation to the land ie: cutting a lot of trees, mine so much dirt/ore/stone ect ect, could cue this.
    : 2 The Orc Chieftain fully send his full army to take you down or Join you (Pacify path), again Clues in ruins, the fighting you do with orcs/goblins/ and other way could lead to this. taking down camps and other thing could que this up. This would have to be on par with the Titan Strength as it would be end game crisis
    : 3 The Lich, could end up send waves of undead at you for the End or your cleric could find a way to banish him freeing the undead souls (Pacify path). To set this off would be taking out the Undead at the grave/churches, investigating Those ruins and other Ruins (clues) ect ect.

: This would also give yall the opportunity to make plenty of random quest to use in Town Progression, and to keep the player busy then to just build, It give the player plenty to do while playing and waiting for building to complete or they just want to take a break and adventure around. I did like the idea of text base questing and some involvement in them, the desision you would make in those could lead to different paths % wise for Pacifist or Soldier Campaigns

: The modding community could add more to this ie more crisis/quest ect ect

  • Endgame Finale:
    : So after making the item and picking your 3 hearths to take (when your ready to move on to start another town (empire expanding, kingdom advancing) You could could back to the regional map you originally had to pick another location to settle or a new map to go father, in it could show a dotted line to the next area your going to go, show expansion/movement of the expedition, Then its new game anew with the buff you receive for starting a new town as y’all said.
    : I would also tie in your old town in some ways. Y’all could have other hearths just visit your new town form the old town, to see how your doing, to say hi (as they built friendships) or to trade goods they are able to produce (3 lvls of trade could be how far you lvled your old crafters up. ie lvl 1/2 could trade beginner items, 3/4 could trade mid type items 5/6 crafters could trade the highest items in game w/o it being OP no fine, well maybe but very rare) This would give a sense of connection to your old town and new town. the player would still have a sense of expansion or advancement on the game w/o feeling like they gave up on that town or letting the town go in the world, that it exist in their world

: The quest would reset on the new town and events play as before all random, and a different result could be getting a different crisis/end game progress.

Also Maybe randomizing the Orcs Chieftains and key Npc names would solve the I fought Ogo 4x ect ect lol

I’m just trying to input here ideas that would help the State of the game and have a great End Game and have the player feel satisfied with their progress, and connection to why move on

Also trying to keep this with in yall scope of the game ie why i gave 2 routes how to handle the situations Pacifist or Soldier


I like your embarkation ideas: crafting a wagon or something, perhaps with a level 6 mason since that’s the least used crafter currently (though I imagine Northern Alliance or Dwarves will probably have the mason as their default crafter and its capabilities and usefulness will get expanded at that point), would fit in very well with the current progression crafting quests.

Also, when I embark, I want to see a short credits sequence of accomplishments with my 3 selected hearthlings doing an “Armageddon”-style slow motion walk towards the camera.


Yeah, Also feel its needs more work as at the moment it way to fast paced and kinda blah in the end