Town Inventory Screen Blank

Just moved from 10.5 to 11.0 (develop 2477 x64) and the Town Inventory Screen is blank.
F5 does not fix the issue.
Save and restart does not fix the issue.
I will report back if anything changes.

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Is this playing with an old save or a new game?


New Save.
If it happens again, I will paste in the error log and take a screen shot.

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Same here, it is just blank.

Hi all,
Is this the town inventory being blank immediately after placing the camp banner? Or did it use to have stuff in it but became blank at some point during play?
Thanks for reporting this!


It happened after using stuff for me. It once happened after promoting someone who was a mason back to a mason and checking their workbench. The other time it happened again without any particular trigger that I can identify - I was in the middle of building a house and went to check my inventory to see if I had all the required items or not. Since then, I’m unable to check my inventory, and when merchants/etc come by, their screens are blank as well.

I unfortunately can’t take a screenshot of the error in fullscreen for whatever reason, but it was a UI error saying it was a type error of undefined? (Super unhelpful, I know, sorry!) When I restarted the game then played in windows mode I was able to access traveling merchants, but still not the town inventory.

I remember some problems with the UI when demoting/promoting people due to the ownership of the workbenches (or when people accidentally deleted a workbench). Maybe it’s related…

Town inventory, but not only. When some vendors arrive, sell and buy windows are blank too. The problems were at the same time. But I can’t say what I was doing.

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