Tournaments (Jousts, Archery, ect.)


I posed this question on the live stream but it never received enough steam to be answered. Do you think there should be tournaments in the game to be held by the player with neutral factions (Other Players or NPCs) in order to increase skills and effect relations? Maybe a Joust or Archery competition? The devs mentioned Festivals and seasonal events, do you think this may be planned already using Festivals as the terms?

I was thinking it can even go beyond combat. Maybe there can be a farming competition as well who knows? Will your victory insult participating nations or will it make you nation seem worthy of an alliance?


i can see this as a possible scenario… we have seen the giant pumpkins, so i can absolutely see that as some form of “farmer’s challenge”… :wink:


Maybe something like this could be incorporated into a festival.


Even though I’m just a nameless face on the forums, I approve of everything that was said here :smiley:


this could work as part of a festival perhaps NPC or other player factions could be invited to join in the festivals


If @Cronus likes it, I like it!


I think thats a pretty good idea. I agree that it should probably be incorporated into the “festivals” heading, but perhaps one you can actively schdeule? That would be pretty interesting if it worked…


Yeah, the idea I had of you actively scheduling it would be for use strategically. Low on funds? Host a tournament and sell some stuff to the guys that come. Want to get buddy buddy with a neutral faction? Praise them at the tournament. Prefer being sneaky? Host a tournament and strike while they’re away from their town, they won’t know what hit them until it’s too late.

The reason I’m tentative about putting it under festivals is because as far as I know the festivals are not Player controlled. Festivals come and pass with the seasons as opposed to you scheduling a tournament at your whim.

Of course to balance the benefits and advantages of such a tournament there should be some detriment. Perhaps you need to build a Stadium and then pay a large sum of gold and food to advertise and feed the spectators, and maybe you would need your doctors constantly overlooking the contestants while the tournament is active. This is all just an idea of mine, that if not implemented perhaps I could try to mod.

Since we are on the topic of festivals though, what would people like to see?


Well i think the standard festival will be a kind of great harvest festival celebrating bountiful crops or what have you. However other festivals which would be cool to see would be things like a winter festival, pagen celebration (Halloween), The great hunt , Maybe a magic orientated one (shoehorn in some magical fireworks ;D). The solstice markets (For trading with a large number of other races/cities, only happens twice a year).

I would personally love to see something like the Carnival of Venice (Nighttime masqeuerade party)but that’d probably be something for a mod since i don’t know if it would necessarily fit in with vanilla. It might.


I like the idea but I probably won’t happen because you’ll be busy making sure your city is ship shape