Total physics freeze

I’ve been working on a town for a while. It started coming along pretty well and I was happy with it, until the game froze. Turns out every time a building is finished or I go to the alert mode (and probably other actions as well), the game just freezes. I can move the camera around and select things. I cannot load or save anything, exit the game or interact with the world. I tried not finishing some buildings and move ahead for a while. After I saved, I cannot load the game anymore without the physics freeze. Is there any help?

How many Hearthlings do you have, how many Items are laying around in your world, which Biome are you playing, how many enemies are around and what mods are you using (if any)?

These are all factors why your game could be freezing. Stonehearth is not the best optimised game in the world :x Maybe try uploading your savegame, so that somebody could have a look?

No mods. 25 hearthlings. I paused all the buildings and cleared up all the items by putting them into vaults before continuing. Then the feral game save happened. I will try going back and killing all the enemies around. The biome is temperate.

Sadly, this game is unplayable in it’s current form. I was really disappointed when the end of development was announced. It was just after I bought the game, because I believed it will be worked on for much longer.

How many buildings do you have going at once? I try to build one, maaaaybe two at a time.

Probably too many, but I cant remove any, that too freezes the game.

Right, so every task creates a load on the AI. The version of Lua they used does not take advantage of multiple cores so things bottleneck. It’s single CPU, not GPU intensive. If you place down a dozen buildings and hit build on them all your game is definitely gonna lock up. Restart and try a gentler hand if you want to play the game. Doing all the things just doesn’t work.

People who create all these wonders in the various theads around here have taught themselves how to build around this bottleneck. Sometimes a build fails.

General tips:

*Save before hitting build.
*Build one thing at a time
*Build the shell of a building now. Add decorations later.
*Make sure items are stocked in containers not surface stockpiles
*Don’t build and have water moving at the same time. Moving water has a processor cost.
*If you start encountering problems slow the game down. Hit pause, don’t play at the fastest speed.
*Mining is still off. Sometimes you can’t build and mine at the same time. Switch between those jobs and consider them pretty much the same sort of task.

If that’s too much, shelve it. I build some pretty neat stuff but I’m not going to win any Starcraft tournaments any time soon. It’s a cute little game with a delightful to watch building system that no game developer has pulled off successfully before. There’s a reason for that. It’s a crazy hard problem and things had to end because bills need to be paid. There’s no one to yell at. It’s over.

I’m definitely not yelling at anyone. I’m just disappointed. I bought the game to see the plans become reality. So far the developers were doing such a good job. Sadly it did not happen. Out of nowhere the game is abandoned.