Toribash [Free]

There is a really fun game I’ve been playing recently, it’s called Toribash. It’s a turn based action fighting game, where you control each joint of the body individually. It’s kind of hard to explain, so I’ll quote the website.

Toribash is an innovative fighting game based on the physics sandbox
model where YOU design the moves! Join us today, and put your skills
against other players all over the world.

Earn Toricredits by winning matches, then customize your
character in the store! Trade items with other players. Win prizes in
weekly tournaments. Climb the rankings. Earn your own Black belt.
Better still: be one of the few who make it to 10th Dan!

Toribash is Addictive! Try Wushu, Sumo, Kick Boxing, Sambo,
Swords, Judo and more. Create fighting movies and post them on YouTube.
Watch other players fight. Chat with them. Defeat them!

Most of all: IT’S FREEWARE!

Anyway, you should definitely check it out. It’s free on Steam.


I will try it some time thanks :smile:

one of the first videos I ever watched form NerdCubed was on Toribash… and still one of the funniest evar! :smile:


My favorite mode is jousting. Both players literally hurl themselves at each other, ripping them apart.

I was wondering where I’ve heard that name before.

Thanks Steve!

Damn it it’s hard to type on a small phone in my bed.

This game is fun. Especially if you dont know what you are doing