To Be Determined Button

All my suggestions start with questions;
Will the player have any spells he can direct even indirectly. - if so the button can be the Magic button.

Will the player be able to enter into diplomacy with neighboring cities and communities - if so the button can be the Diplo button.

Will there be an overarching tech tree of any kind - if there is this is a good place for it, and if not there could be a place that shows all classes and buildables available to help track and manage when that trapper is level three to switch them over to a shepard.

Love the roads.


I’m not sure if the player will be able to cast spells, don’t think this is the way Team Radiant is going. But if so the Magic button would be a great place for it.

My favorite suggestion for sure! when other cities become a thing I can see this as a good use of the button.’

I’m not sure a tech tree is necessary in this game, it seems Team Radiant is going for a “minecraft” approach where the better stuff simply takes more resource collecting and more experience. So I personally am not a fan of this idea.

I’m surprised you didn’t ask this as a question! “do I love the roads- of course I do”

Great suggestions, it really opens up a lot of options I haven’t thought about before. We shall see what Team Radiant does in the end. I hope it will be the Diplomacy button.


Settlement mangement- switch to different settlements which will be locate don the same map but will be assigned different stock piles and citizens so that when you chose to cut down a group of trees a random Hearthling from a mile slowly strolls across the map.

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Saw this neat little spot on the UI with a spiffy ?, the tooltip asked for suggestions so here I am firing off an idea.

I thought it would be nice to have some sort of recycling system. Currently there is lots of way to bring things into the world; however, short of offering it to the RNG goblins as tribute to their fire there is no method of taking what was made and breaking it down to resources.

The button could access the waste management system for all the classes in one spot so we do not have to hunt down the actions in each independent menue/job tree. I would think that there would be some kind of diminishing return that could be lessened as the skill of the crafter increased, yet not to such a degree that there is 100% return.

Thanks for your time and consideration of these matters at hand and I look forward to reading other ideas for this spiffy button.

Illian Amerond

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I have some suggestion.
Route Priorities, instead of a soldier walking around the buildings you have, you should be able to tell him where to guard. fx. i made a wall recently around my city, that would have been great if the guards, could patrol the only way in.
Farm Priorties, the gatheres priorities the things you need the most, so if you have harvested a large area, then if you need tree to your buildings, then those were the items they would pick up first…
i remember in Red Alert, and game after that, that you could have people in groups. lets say you have a family of four, but only the parent sleep the same place,(no idea if this is going to happend) but if you group them together they would sleep under the same roof.

hope, my english is understandable.


i am still hopeful that the worker prioritization that @Tom has been showing might actually end up there… :+1:

other than that, perhaps that can toggle the unit dialogue information currently running in the bottom right corner… that text always felt “out of place” to me… perhaps if this information were accessible via the button, it would work similar to other notificaitons…

when a particularly interesting comment is made (something is horribly wrong with a unit), the button gets updated with a “!”, we then click it to reveal recent dialogue, with the critical issues flagged with "!"s…


A Combo Suggestion for Button:Call Merchant Caravan

Would require a new zone to sell goods for merchant. Nothing worse then having extras littered around that you no longer need.

Start off a simple trade scheme. Have extra food/pelts/gear to sell? Exchange for gold and simple materials in exchange.

very interesting suggestion… :+1:

we know there will be some adjustments made to the merchant/trade system, and this could certainly work for the unused button…

I’m not entirely sure I like the idea of “calling” the merchant though… perhaps once the trade process has been revisited, we’ll lose the randomness currently at play, in which case your idea would fit much better…

Well, when I saw the “?” initially, I assumed it could be a “Help” button, used to identify things and their uses in the game beyond the simple descriptions we currently get in the lower left box on the screen.

Or maybe it could be used to identify “non-clickable” elements, like (future) ores and minerals underground. Perhaps it could even change the objects your cursor can presently click to avoid selecting other things in the way (such as resources, plants, etc., when you are actually trying to click a settler in the wild). There could be several categories, such as “Minerals/Mining”, “Constructions”, “Paths”, “Settlers/Mobs”, “Resources”, plus many others.


Yeah, I was using my crystal ball to see in the future when (If I understood correctly) npc Kingdoms/settlements get added. :smile:

Hit button: Random worker/fighter trots off to nearest discovered(friendly) Kingdom/settlement/rides back with caravan to owned settlement (type of thing) Has a chance to be ambushed though a long the way.
A mail service deal once you build a Mailbox and discover a friendly kingdom/Settlement: Worker/scribe(type) writes a letter on a writing desk/puts in mailbox and has a chance to be Intercepted by game mobs, so it might/might not happen.

Temporarily though it would amount to a call button :wink:

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So I was playing stonehearth, as you do, and while my hearthlings were slaving on my castle i started looking at the UI and noticed the TBD button. So what will be in that slot?

I was thinking maybe a button that might include your powers if you get any (I know that nothing involving player powers was ever discussed but thought I’d suggest it). Powers like fireballs or lightning or growing trees or detecting ore or something.

Or maybe a diplomacy tab. It’d include the mayors you know or other factions, including the first factions you meet the goblins and merchants.


yeah diplomacy tab is a good suggestion not only for npc factions but you can use it to manage diplomatic stances with other players like trading with them and stuff.


hey there @Thulfikar … good suggestions!

I know we had a recent thread where we were capturing these suggestions (a recent blog post, most likely)…


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It’d be great if you take my thread there, or point me in the direction of it, I ran a quick search for TBD didn’t find anything. @SteveAdamo

bah! I cant locate the thread… I thought for sure it was tied to a recent [Dev Blog], but haven’t yet found it…

I know its out there though… mocking me! :wink:

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Here you go @SteveAdamo :wink: :blush:


you are a saint… +2 internet points for you, my good man! :smile: :+1:


switch to secondary set of icons button

I just think it will be cool to use that slot for something like setting up a shop building that is build already and use that slot to highlight an area/building so it will set as a recognize shop to sell our goods :smile:

There is another thread called the task manager or something like this. And it’s a task manager button @SteveAdamo

here it is To Be Determined Button

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