Titan locks my camera movement

When I summoned it, the camera looked to the left, then to the right rotating, ending in this tilted position:

stonehearth.log (586.1 KB)

I can’t move the camera with mouse or keyboard. Opening the citizen menu and selecting someone makes the camera point to the hearthling for a split second, but then it returns to this position.

The same happened in a new “tiny” world and also in microworld.

Can you still drag the cam by holding down middle mouse button? I’ve noticed that that sometimes breaks you out of cam glitches?

This includes middle click, right click, and space+mouse moevement

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I’m having trouble reproducing the issue. Does this happen every time, on a specific save, or when starting from a specific camera orientation?

I have no idea, So far I tried 4 times with different settings, and none worked. Later I will try with no mods, and also try save it in this state.

Still haven’t been able to reproduce it, but I’ve added some extra guards against it. Please let us know if this is still an issue in the next release.