They stop mining until i place a ladder in a certain spot

occasionally when I have my Hearthlings mine away a bunch of stone for ore they stop mining and don’t finish unless I put a ladder in a certain spot then they will continue, until they do it again then I have to place another latter.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. have heathlings mine out a large aria with the mine tunnel tool.
  2. eventually this will happen:

    and they just stop.
  3. then for them to start mineing again you will have to pace a ladder like so:

Expected Results:
not haveing to place a latter after they stop for them to start mining agian
they should just not stop and finish mineing
Actual Results:
they stop when they do that and i have to place a ladder for them to resume mineing
this has ben happening for a wile now

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

This should be known … can not find it atm @moderators ?
It happens when hearthlings stop mining at the wrong time.

I believe this is a pathfinding issue (or just the way hearthlings choose to mine) where the hearthlings mine out the voxels needed for them to reach a certain voxel. With the ones below now gone, they can no longer reach the ones above - so they just can’t finish the task. It is certainly a known issue, though I’m not sure where it sits on the priority list. If you want a more knowledgeable answer, I’d suggest asking Chris during one of his streams. You could also hit him up on here… though I’m not sure his name… ah, lol, there it is: @not_owen_wilson