Theory : Hearthlings will not finish a house

This theory is a WIP

THEORY: Hearthlings will not finish a house if the resource max (stone & logs) is not over 10 of that said resource.

1 House without 10 resources : Did not finish
1 House with 10+ resources : did finish

I will edit when I try different houses with our without the (required***) resources.


interesting theory… so, your thinking that regardless of the actual amount required to build the house, that if there isn’t a surplus in a stockpile, the units are failing to complete the construction (even if the former is smaller than the latter)?

Are you sure the “10” you mention doesn’t correspond to the initial resources required to build the house ? There could be a bug where hearthlings don’t finish a house they started if there are less resources in the stockpile than the initial amount of resource required to build the house.

There’s also the possibility that confusion in the pathfinder farther in the game makes it more difficult for the settlers to “recognize” resources, even in a stockpile. Having more resources may be similar to trying to hit a basketball with a bat versus a baseball–the larger the successful variable, the more likely the chance for success and completion of the task.

Of course, this depends on when the house was attempted in the game. If it was a relatively fresh start with limited other structures, the pathfinder variable should be negligible in testing.

Actually, I tried that. A built a 4 by 4 house that they DID finish.

I didn’t mean to sound as if the villagers don’t have enough resources.
I mean when you save the houses design, the blocks ( wood & stone ) resources added together don’t equal 10