The Tragedy of Byclif

Warning: This story is quite depressing. Sorry. If you want a light-hearted story, turn back right away and read a different one.
My camp had just signed a peace treaty with the goblins. The terms weren’t very favorable to us, but I hoped that it would make way for further negotiation.

Now that the deal was made, Geoff Oppen escorted the goblin representatives out of town. He had to make sure that the goblins didn’t try anything, but also that the civilians didn’t try anything.

It was definitely the wrong time for anti-goblin demonstrations.

Unfortunately, protests soon turned violent. I wanted to stop my forces, but I didn’t want them to turn on me… so I let them go ahead.

They wouldn’t be satisfied with anything but blood, and I’d rather they take that out on the goblins.

Only the chief was left, and they gave him no mercy.

Finally, everything was calm. The unneeded slaughter was over, and all my Hearthlings were still alive.

Most went to sleep, after a good night’s work of eradicating another species. Geoff Oppen was still angry, though, and he took it out on the statues.

Sickened by the events of the night, I called my forces back. My carpenter and trapper were the only ones innocent - they’d been working or sleeping the whole time. It’s a shame the rest of my camp couldn’t be like that.

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:frowning: Hey I was reading that!

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I would just like to point out there is absolutely ZERO proof that Kingdom of The Underworld spy Hearthlings were in the anti-Goblin protest.

I absolutely love the story and picture accompaniment! Simply beautiful, good job, and I hope to see more of these in the future (that was not a request rather a command!)