The Tennis court (not finished)

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a new project, Sad thing is my game keeps crashing every minute so I’m not sure if this will get as far as I hoped, But this is what I have currently :stuck_out_tongue:

I apologize if this is all I post on this, I really want to finish it, But it keeps giving me this every minute:

Yes the Hearthling’s are kissing but is the non responding / crashing reported or is it due to my pc? Any way hope you guys like what I’ve done so far :wink:


See @SteveAdamo, the potential for build competitions is limitless


yes, yes… I agree! :smile:

perhaps @Geoffers747 and I can put our heads together (his being the more handsome, of course) and come up with a new Stonehearth Building Extravaganza! competition, challenge … thing

stay tuned!


I feel like I should get an honourable mention at least for the idea if you two are going to take all the credit

Grumble, grumble, grumble


Today, Friday the 13th, We honour the Idea that @Newf came up with, we shall forever remember this day being Stonehearth Building Extravaganza Day.

Let’s have a two minute silence to make this official, Please no eating Doritos during this time period!


Cookies? I have eaten Cookies!!! PLEASE DONT HIT ME! :open_mouth:

Cookies huh? You must have joined the dark side!

Just kidding, Can’t punish someone for eating cookies, It’s a law or something!


Well - we do still have those things we need to give away.

Really loving the tennis court! Now we just need people to play tennis …

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Tennis Racket:
Craftable by carpenter
X3 Thread
X1 Wood
Tennis Ball:
Craftable by weaver
X2 Thread
X1 Leather

Mod, anyone?