The Photo-Adventure of Bugtown

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I got Stonehearth today and I decided to create a little story with is driven by photos. Let’s get started with it shall we? :wink:

The Photo-Adventure of Bugtown

The story of Bugtown… it was, well… very buggy. It all started when the night came and everybody was doing their things… it wasn’t the best community in the town so everybody was separated.

As I already said, Bugtown hasn’t got the best community. You can also see why it is called Bugtown, hopefully. The new day started and everything got even worse. Two of the girls that night, had a fight about who was allowed to have the good wood. People these days…

When the sun came, everybody seemed to have gone into groups. Helping each other in their own way… this alternative bed was a little bit strange, though.

Well… that aside, everything seemed to have gone well… although, the midday wasn’t the best time for a girl in town. She actually got abused by a man… I feel ashamed to be a man right now.

She became hungry after the abuse… of course she became hungry. The problem is that it seemed she would’ve gone blind…

It seemed she wasn’t the only one… look likes the brother of the abused had the same problem… but even worse. I don’t know who it was or who is doing this… but I have… ugh… no idea.

Wait… we spotted someone! This probably is the man who created this big chaos! Let’s make a photo of him… 1, 2, 3… click!

Well… maybe not. He just seemed so strange that he probably would’ve done it! I guess… Wait! Who placed the thing in front of that girl? She’s stuck…!

Wow… there actually happened something good that day! Yes! Believe it or not, there has happened something good! Love! Yes… it’s love! Well… sort of…

After all, the day was… well… special. Bugtown is never gonna change… Bugtown will always be buggy, abusive, mean, lovely and interesting at the same time… Too bad the universe of Bugtown is deleted… of course it would be Bugtown’s universe, always interesting. At least I got this last photo which maybe gives you a better look at Bugtown, it’s not always bad… it can be funny sometimes.

The End of Bugtown

It definitely took some time to make this (about a hour) so any appreciation for it would be awesome!


Talking about looking at the positive side of things :smiley:
is bug town close to insect-ville

Anyways love this post, this idea of telling a story through screenshots or picture is nice :smile: and original

I approve for all that’s good for (probably not much)

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There’s nothing good in Bugtown. Bugtown is somewhere in Bugland, I don’t know where Insect-ville is. :stuck_out_tongue:

probably in a galaxy far far away…

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I agree… far far far away… I would like to visit insect-ville some time though. hint hint

well done @LineLiar! agreed with @SquareGabe… telling a story of your settlement, via these shots, is always fun… I hope we see many more! :smile:

It’s hard to to such things without a saving function because you have to do everything in one go. When there’s a saving function I will probably do many more. (I love screenshot editing and stuff :P… did you like how I brightened it up in the 4th photo?)

very nice i like the idea but until they do have a save file my little town of Rief will be nonexistent which is ok