The Memory of Eldurim - Kickstarter Live - Free Pre-Alpha

The Memory of Eldurim

Kickstarter is now live!

The Memory of Eldurim is a 3D, open-world action RPG that a few friends and I have been working on for a while. The game feels, exploration and world-wise, similar to Skyrim, but plays more like Dark Souls/Ninja Gaiden. Right now, the game is basically just in a pre-alpha prototype stage, but we have a group of about 50 people who are playing our game (and having fun so I hear), so if you are interested in getting your hands on the prototype, you can find the download link here:

Here is a video of some of the gameplay: YouTube

We are primarily just trying to get a feel for what is fun in the game, and what needs work. We are hoping to launch a kickstarter in the next couple weeks. If you would like to participate in the conversation, you can join us over on our forums on the Liminal Games website.

Thanks for checking it out!

I probably watched like few seconds total (skipped during video) and got my interest.
Definitely gonna give it a shot. :thumbsup:

…Did you say ‘Free download’ by chance?

Here is the kickstarter page! It has not yet started, but you could have fun watching the draft. The Memory of Eldurîm by Liminal Games —Kickstarter

Yes. The pre-alpha version we are currently working on is available for free.

Yay! Ill check out the pre-alpha and see what I think of it.

Great! We would love to hear some feedback on what you think.

certainly off to an impressive start! :+1:

how many folks make up liminal games? did i read something like 50 people?

I’m not sure where you read that, but we are team of 5 people ( 3 programmers, a writer, a business dude) and we just added an environment artist.

We are also open to feedback on our kickstarter. Thanks for your interest.

Agreed, for a pre-alpha looks pretty good.

Amazing what you could do with so few people. I can just wonder what you can do after the kickstarter. I am not really familiar with kickstarter and what things should look like, but personal I think the kickstarter page looks great!

Played the Alpha test, and have posted a thread about my experience on the forums!

apologies, that was from another campaign i was looking at yesterday… but you piqued my interest with “similar to Skyrim”! :smile:

best of luck on your upcoming campaign… :+1:

Sadly, your game does not work on mac :frowning:, So I might be a while with trying out your game (Don’t worry I do have a windows computer that I can use)

Yeah. We are also sad that it doesn’t work with mac. This is because the CryEngine does not currently support mac or linux. We are hopeful that this will be remedied in the future.

Hey guys, we just put up the Kickstarter thanks for everything!

best of luck on the campaign!! :+1:

We thank you kind sir. We’ll make sure you all know about our updates!

We have just released a large update to our game. Start in up and play around in it!

We are also still in the first half of our Kickstarter

Here is an album with some screen shots