Crisential - Kickstarter Online!

Hi guys and girls!

I’m Cenk, Visual Artist of Crisential. We’ve been working on this project over one and a half year now and finally it’s ready for you to see on Kickstarter!

The reason i’m posting this here is actually, i’m really curious about this community’s opinions and feedbacks over our project. As you may understand, we are using voxels and we love them! As Stonehearth players, i know that you guys share the same feelings about them.

If you got any questions about anything, feel free to ask. I’m here to explain and answer everything you want to know. :smile:

You can check out our Kickstarter at: Crisential - Kickstarter Campaign

Have a nice day, thanks for everything :3


hmm… this game looks very interesting, i might have to back it. good luck with your kick-starter campaign :smile:

and im glad its not @SteveAdamo showing us this, otherwise there would be some technical difficultys :wink:


Looks cool, Would back it if I had money for games. Good luck on getting 80K!

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thats my problem also, i have some extra money for games, but im unsure what i should spend it on :laughing:

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Thanks for good wishes! We all hope for the best atm :3


hey there @badbuckle … welcome aboard! :smile:

Crisential looks great! there’s quite a bit to soak up in that campaign video (lots of interesting gameplay mechanics being shown)… will definitely take a closer look this weekend…

best of luck getting funded! :+1:


it gives me of the feel of cube world, stonehearth, and trove just mashed together to look amazing in it. oh and a crafting system to boot! but yea no money would totally back though so good luck


Took the words out of my mouth,


Thanks everyone! We are actually big fans of cube world too ( development process of it is a little weird tho : p ) We are trying to give players full freedom. Our first priority is successfully create " if you want to do something, you can do it " feature :smile:
Thanks for kind words everyone :3


looks good, I think your project deserves a lot more attention than it received so far, best of luck

Looking great Game!!! I cant wait to play it, i wish the best for you guys,well done!