The Idle Workers Union

I spend a solid twenty minutes meticulously crafting a house. I send my villagers out to build it. Half way through building it they run out of materials. I order them to cut down trees. They continue to cut down trees and drag materials back to camp until all materials have been collected. After which they remain idle and I believe have formed a workers union that refuses to build a house for themselves until I start paying them gold for services rendered. PLEASE HELP, this is getting out of hand. I’ve got Workers union officials just Idling around the encampment complaining about how they have to sleep on the ground. I need a bug fix or Union Busters.

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Buy then some comfy beds and things should go better!

I think it has something to do with the workers agenda in programming. I’m no coder so don’t quote me on this. I believe that what needs to change is to be able to either:
A. Click on multiple workers to create a “Party” or in this case a work team. Enabling one group to gather materials and the other to build.
B. Create a work schedule for workers. Similar to the carpenters “order list”. This would be like the actions list in the Sims series. However it would allow for easy access to work management for construction, gathering and other jobs.
I can’t give them beds until either a merchant sells me some or the tailor stops idling by my farmer.