The hearthling should learn things!

When i say this i mean as in they make mistakes when building a building at first but improve quickly.

I think most people are very happy that Hearthlings now build the most buildings without bugs. So I’d personally advice against re-introducing those struggles as a feature

If they were to make mistakes and still have the building “finished” then there is 2 ways of doing this.

  1. have the hearthlings make a mistake that alters the “finished” version of the building
  2. have them make a mistake and then another hearthling comes and corrects it (More probable as there are always multiple hearthlings working on something and they would be like hey you messed up I’ll fix it)

Either way players won’t like this, the first because players want the outcome to be what they planned and doing the same thing twice will yield different results.
The second because then building will take longer and nobody apart from me things that is good.

Ty for telling me this didnt really think of it that way…