Feature that I think is needed for easier building

So I can’t think of much to change in this game overall its pretty perfect just small slight bugs here and there that already been reported.
I think we should have a few small features to help out when building stuff especially bug designs:
1)Allowing to modify a building after its been built Example :
-Finishing a building and then you realize you forgot a door in one of the top floors or forgot to design a stair way up to the third and last floor and after they finish the building to change it you have to destroy redesign the blueprint and rebuilt.
Waste of time resources and sometimes kinda of annoying.
-Another example : having a wall built but you forgot to design a door in your wall (from the inside) to make a cool storage area. remake the whole wall just for 1 little door.

So basically the ability to take down parts of the house (not the supporting pillars of the structure just walls) to redesign as it goes if you want to add another room to the house or make a nice “in case of emergency door way” into a tunnel or even make a new tunnel from the house as an escape, all of those things you need to remake your building instead of just telling your hearthlings to remove a 4x4 inside the house for a door or a tunnel.

2)fixing the issue of hearthlings getting stuck in a closed room for example : building a huge wall with gap in the middle between each wall so basically they build and sometimes close another npc inside.

That is basically I guess making a nice way of re designing the building without destroying it.

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Not much time ago we couldn’t (re)move doors and windows. Now we can.
I hope (and believe) it’s something currently planned for the future releases.

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Yep Just trying to make sure they wont forget it.
Would be happy to get this update in the next few alphas it will make working with hearthlings so much easier and fun.
Knowing that even if you did a small mistake like forget to place a door or make a hole in the floor to make a tunnel escape or tunnel to storage underground you will always be able to re make it without wasting too much time destroyed and editing the blue print all over again and then rebuild it.

  • knowing that hearthlings can be a bit smarter with how they work , if they realize its a room without exit they can maybe alert you and or just know for them self that they should work from the outside with scaffolding instead of placing it inside and getting trapped.

You should ban all your Hearthlings from reading “The Cask of Amontillado” by Poe.