Adding Heartlings can remove the building

Adding a feature where the building was built and if you dont like the position or building itself you can command the heartlings to remove that building from top to bottom and you get half or more of your resources that you spent on building back and some doors windows and decorations its like while demolishing the building some things get broken it would be great and more immersive that way than like using cheats or like ruinin your gameplay and need to start anew because of some buildings that are killing the roleplay or if the error is making building not built they like automaticaly demolish the building that has an error in it sorry for bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

This was in the game until recently. It was buggy so devs decided to remove the feature until they find a better way to implement it. :slight_smile:


thanks for the info my computer is not that good anymore so i stoped playing the game because for me now is unplayabe i hope i gather up some money in few years and upgrade my pc i hope they find a way to handle it :slight_smile: