The Guidance of Curiosity: Fan-made Animated Series

Hello, fellow fantasy lovers! I am here to share news of an exiting animated story I shall be working on!
The Guidance of Curiosity: A Scorched Path
The main plot will go like this:

The [Main Character] trains himself in combat of assassination to take down a fearsome titan [Dragon]! Upon his journey he be-friends two companions, makes allies, and enemies! The group stumbles into the [Dragon’s] cave and prepares for a battle of the century!

This plot will include many side-plots. The difference (other than the story line…) to other similar ideas is the fact that this will be entirely comedy based!
Huge shoutout to @Pandemic for the insparation!

I am posting now to obtain some feedback from you all, and some ideas for the future.
Later on I will be giving out my youtube channel that the show will be shown on!

Please give a like to this post so I can understand how well this idea is going!
Take care, and pray every night to the great lords: Tom and Tony! …and the semi-god Steve!


well, any project that involves creative writing gets a hearty :+1: from me… that, and mentioning my partial deityousness… :smile:

good luck with your story, and i’m looking forward to hearing more!

Are you experienced in the field?

Good luck with it. Sounds great. Hope for some humor in it! :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome!

Could you provide us with an animation test so we could predict what would be the outcome, as well as give you ideas and point out things that you could change so that it would better?

Short update: Thank you for the feedback! Yes I will post an animated test video soon, I just can’t right now… But can someone clarify that you can combine multiple videos together to make a longer, SINGLE video with youtube video editor? If I can, I could make each scene a video, then combine them all like a movie… If I can’t, the videos will be a bit shorter and have less quality.

I am quite sure you can, yes :slight_smile:

Hey all, sorry for the long delay. Here is a link to my new youtube channel, be sure to subscribe for updates!

Ok, here’s the deal: My youtube will also be having fan-music, and little, 3-ish min animations!

Hm… hard for me to give you feedback as long as there is not so much to see. The story has some potential, for sure :wink:.

If you haven’t sorted this out already, this clip shows how to do it… YouTube

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Thanks @voxel_pirate! That helps alot!
+1 brownie point for you!

Update: Started work on latest animation! Should be done in a week or two, but I will give an update when i’m done! BTW, it isn’t the greatest animation, so this will be more of a test video, but a video nonetheless!

Well, you seem enthusiastic and I have high-hopes for you, so here’s a sub!

Channel update: For all waiting to see my skill level, head to the link above and watch my latest video. Please read the description for info!