The game slow down more and more

The more you play the more the game became slow and unplayable.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. just play for an hour with a good advencement.

Expected Results:
th game speed still the same as a new game.

Actual Results:
the game became slow, so slowwww.




Version Number and Mods in use:

Ballista Turret
Herbalist House
Poultry farm 50x50
Box O’ Vox - Cleric Crafting
Custom Stockpile
Extended Buff Durations
Super Mod 6
Age of Giant - Coal pile
Age of giant - Wood pile
Age of Giant - Ore pile
Age of Giant - CORE
Smartashe Templates [for A24]
Easy Mode Difficult
Miner Profession
Armis Maximus
Age of Giant - Piles

System Information:

Windows 10
Intel core I7 7700 4.20 GHz
32 Go RAM
Nvidia Gforce GTX 970
hdd seagate firecuda

do you mean in general it gets slower (while not actually playing, but letting it run) or are you getting quite a number of hearthlings over the span of it slowing down.

Can you upload a save where this occurs? Is this within a single session (i.e. does reloading the save fix it for a while)?

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the game still run at normal speed but all the menu (craft ,save …) became slower and slower too the point they freez totaly. Need to ALT+F4 too close it.
When you reload the game it became faster for a couple of minute and start becaming slower again.
Also the game take a lot of ressources (proc, ram and grafic proc).
it became more heavy when it rain and when you have big bulding.
Hope this help.

Cordialement, Cédric.

here my save, i can’t post attachement here ( new member)

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For me, this is reproduced in this way:

  1. Run the game
  2. No problem.
  3. Takes about 40-60 minutes.
  4. The game begins to consume a large amount of memory, more 4GB.
  5. After pressing the pause button it takes about 3 seconds before it is applied. Same behavior when opening any window.

Restarting solves the problem.

Yes it work this way, but for me it take 20-30min on some game and 5-10 min on other.
So restating the game fix it for some minute but restarting the game every 10 min is a little boring :’(

This always happens to me, and it did happen with all the versions I played. I have to admit this current alpha helped a lot it seems but I have to restart the game every 40min

I have the same problem. A couple of mods, but the game becomes so slow it’s simply unplayable. I love the game, but it’s worse than playing WoW on a computer from 1995.