The game does not start after installing ACE


[black screen with music playing when I install the ACE mod.]


[The file is located in the game install directory. Default Steam location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth]

Versions and Mods:

[ACE Mod]

System Information:

[Windows version (8.1), video card (Hd Graphics 4000), and monitor type (notebook).


This only occurs when I activate MOD ACE, because when it’s just pure game without any MOD it works perfectly

When you hear the music, try pressing F5 :merry:


OO man, Thx, you are my hero <3


Here’s what the ACE Faq says about this issue:

4. HALP! I have a black screen! My game won’t start!

If you have a black screen and your game is not starting, but you can still hear music, you might be facing a load issue. This is a known base game issue and unfortunately there’s not much that can be done: it happens when your game doesn’t load the UI fast enough while busy loading all the game content. It will happen more often the more loaded your game is (with mods) and the lower your computer specs are. If that happens to you, however, don’t panic!
You can refresh the game’s UI by pressing F5 - this will jump start the game normally.

The answer to that (and many other!) issues, help and tips to improve game’s performance and other things can all be found in the ACE Discord FAQ! :merry:
You should join if you’re not there already!